Chronicle & history

The history about Bittersam family

Our family is a family with history.
The historical course of our property and the development up to today's hotel operation, dasUrbisgut, goes back to the year 1731 - when the Bittersams emigrated from Bavaria to Altenmarkt in Salzburg's Pongau.

As already mentioned, they settled there at the so-called “Urbisgut” in the southern of Salzburger Land. Since then, this property has been owned by our family, where it was operated as a farm until the 1970s and then converted into a tourist property by Bartl & Emmi Bittersam. Over the years, the original guesthouse has been expanded into the hotel business as it exists today. Our Urbisgut is now run as a tourism business in the second generation and we are proud to be able to continue this task with loving dedication.

Over the past 50 years of its existence, the Urbisgut's farming roots and family tradition have allowed it to grow into a place where everyone - and especially you as a guest - should have a good time!
As passionate hosts, our top priority, together with our team, is to consciously make your holiday special for you with moments of enjoyment - be it with comfort, delicious delicacies, a little smile or a good conversation.

A little more information about our (pre)history:
Our Urbisgut was one of the oldest farms in our area and the name "Urbis" dates back to very ancient times, when Altenmarkt was a Roman settlement and was called "Ani". The Bittersams emigrated from Bavaria in 1731 - that was the time of emigration; At the same time, the princes (bishops) of Salzburg expelled the Protestants from the country. The Bittersam family has been at the Urbisgut since then and proudly even has their own family coat of arms, which dates back to 1670.
Today the Urbisgut is a hotel with 4 star comfort and around 100 beds. However, the original farming roots remain unforgotten and this is reflected in the down-to-earth rural and Alpine furnishing style in every area of ​​our hotel.