Hotel in Altenmarkt Zauchensee - Hotel Urbisgut

Hiking in Altenmarkt – Zauchensee

Gentle to challenging – a hiking holiday in Salzburger Land

Breathe the fresh mountain air, feel the freedom, savour the beauty – explore the unspoilt alpine landscape with all your senses and recharge your batteries on hikes and mountain tours in Altenmarkt – Zauchensee. Wonder at the mountain lakes, peaks and alpine meadows. The region around the 4 star Hotel Urbisgut entices mountain lovers with over 20 routes of all ability levels on gentle walks, stage hikes and mountain tours.

Hikers’ paradise of Altenmarkt – Zauchensee

  • Well-marked footpaths in Altenmarkt & in Zauchensee – over 20 trails of a total of 195 km in length
  • Awarded the Austrian hiking seal of approval
  • A variety of lengths & altitude differences for beginners, experienced hikers as well as families
  • Farmers’ Sayings & Moon themed paths
  • Long-distance hikes: Salzburger Almenweg, Pilgrimage path: Arnoweg
  • Some footpaths suitable for pushchairs
  • Hiking using the Gamskogelbahn I cable car in Zauchensee
  • Guided walks & hikes for the senses in summertime
  • 4 different relaxation areas in Altenmarkt – Zauchensee
  • Hikes & tours right from the Hotel Das Urbisgut
Wanderurlaub in Altenmarkt - Zauchensee - Hotel Das Urbisgut

Salzburger Sportwelt Bus

On the Sportwelt-Bus in Altenmarkt – Zauchensee you can comfortably reach the starting point of your hikes and mountain tours – per journey just € 1,00 (production of Salzburger Sportwelt Card requires). The bus transports you to other resorts in the Salzburger Sportwelt and Obertauern, with the exception of St. Johann im Pongau. The Wanderbus stop is right by the Therme Amadé Spa (approx. 500 m away).

Wanderurlaub in Altenmarkt - Zauchensee - Hotel Das Urbisgut
Wanderurlaub in Altenmarkt - Zauchensee - Hotel Das Urbisgut
Wanderurlaub in Altenmarkt - Zauchensee - Hotel Das Urbisgut

Urbisgut hiking suggestions

Whenever we have time we love to spend time in the mountains around Altenmarkt im Pongau. You too can discover the most picturesque spots in our region – we’ve put together a list of great walks for gentle hikers and more demanding tours for experienced mountaineers.

Short walks

“Kaiserschmarrn Tour”

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Description: Popular walk to the Winterbauer farm (1,080 m). In a south-westerly direction from the Urbisgut via Schlatterberg or along the road to a great viewing point.

Sightseeing tour to the Bernadette Bergasthof Bliembauer

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Description: In an easterly direction from the Urbisgut along the Zauchensee road, Rettenbachweg path and Hornerweg path or Eckwaldsteig trail to the Bliembauer farm situated above Altenmarkt.

Moosalm and Reitenalm

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Description: At an altitude of 1,280 m (Schwemmberg trail). Both alpine huts are open for refreshment. Walking time approx. 1.5 hours to the sunny side of Altenmarkt.

Stroll around Radstadt town

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Description: In an easterly direction from the Urbisgut. Turn right past the railway station, along the field path alongside the Enns river past the Schloss Tandalier to Radstadt. Return along the old Roman road with lots of benches to rest upon.

Walk to Reitdorf to the Jausenstation Horner

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Description: In a westerly direction from the Urbisgut towards Reitdorf to Horner. Return via the bathing lake in Eben, alongside the Enns back to the Hotel Das Urbisgut.


Duration: approx. 1 hour

Description: Habersatter via Hergszell

To “Neuhäusl”

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Description: From the Zauchensee bridge to the Glonerbauer farm a forest path (Mill path) leads to Neuhäusl.

Jausenstation Hochnössler

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Description: to the Jausenstation Hochnössler

Mountain tours for experienced hikers

“Round the local mountain” to the Lackenkogel

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Description: In a southerly direction from the Urbisgut via Feuersang, Pertilbauer farm, Alpengasthof Sattelbauer, Lackenalm to the peak (2,051 m) of our local mountain offering fabulous views.

Up to the Trinkeralm

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Description: Up to the Trinkeralm (1,800 m) with splendid views of the Rossbrand, Bischofsmütze and Dachstein mountains. Hike can be extended, e.g. to the Laittern See Lake. In an easterly direction from the Urbisgut approx. 18 km. By car to Radstadt towards Forstau, Innviertler Berggasthof, park your car, another 2.5 km to your destination.

Up onto the Rossbrand

Duration: approx. 4 hours

Description: Up onto the Rossbrand (1,770 m) to the Radstädter-Hütte 4 hours. In a northerly direction from the Urbisgut via the Jausenstation Habersatter through forest to the Wald Radstädter Hütte. Return via the Bürgerbergalm.

Königslehen circular tour

Duration: approx. 3.5 hours

Description: In an easterly direction from the Urbisgut over the Glonerbrücke bridge to the Jausenstation Hochnössler via Königslehen through fields and forests to Radstadt, the old town in the mountains. Return along the Roman road back to Altenmarkt.


Duration: easy day tour

Description: By car or bus to Zauchensee. From Jagdhaus Zauchensee up to the Strimskogel (2,139 m). Return via the Hahkopf, Schlaningsattel, Tauernkarleitenalm, Gasselrain, Oberzauchenseealm to Zauchensee.

“Kaiserschmarrn Tour”

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Description: Popular hike to the Winterbauer (1,080 m). In a south-westerly direction from the Urbisgut via Schlatterberg or along the road up to a height with stunning views..


Duration: approx. 6 hours (for experienced hikers; somewhat more difficult)

Description: By car or bus Zauchensee. Via Oberzauchensee Lake – Gasslrain – Bärenstaffel – to the Steinfeldspitze. Return via Schwarzkopf – Tagweidegg – Gamskogelhütte to the Oberzauchenseehütte back to Zauchensee.

High alpine hike

Duration: approx. 6 – 8 hours

Description: By car or bus to Zauchensee, from there up to the Gamskogelhütte (possibly by lift) viaWurmkar – Hirschköpfl – Rosskopf – Hinterkogel – Vorderkogel – Lackenkogel – Lackenalm to the Lackenkogel. Descent to the Sattelbauer farm – Winterbauer farm – Urbisgut.

To the Südwiener Hütte

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Description: By bus to the Gnadenfall/Gnadenbrücke. Vordergnadenalm – Gnadenalm – Hintergnadenalm – Hödlhütte – Südwienerhütte (1,802 m).

Tappenkar Lake

Duration: approx.. 4 hours

Description: From Jägersee Lake to Tappenkar Lake. Possible to continue on to the Franz-Fischer-Hütte. Tappenkarsee Lake – Weissgrubenscharte – Franz-Fischer-Hütte (3.5 hours).

Duisitz Lake

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Description: Picturesque mountain lake. The mountains are reflected in the lake – for pleasure-hikers. By car to Schladming, Rohrmoos.

Starting-point: Eschachalm in Obertal (parking available).

Hofpürgel Hütte

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Description: To the Hofpürgel Hütte (1.705 m). By car to Filzmoos. On foot approx. 2.5 hours over Marcheggsattel.

Lakes tour

Duration: approx. 1.5 (3) hours

Description: By car to Schladming – Ruperting (turn right), to Seewigtal Stüberl (toll road). walking time: Steirischer Bodensee 20 minutes, Hüttensee 1.5 hours and Obersee approx. 3 hours.

Blauer See Lake / Ennskraxn

Duration: approx. 2.5 (4) hours

Description: By car to Kleinarl. Starting at the church the path turns off to the right after approx. 50 m, crosses the stream and climbs steadily uphill, past a small wooden house to the Jausenstation (the farm is the home of the world-famous champion alpine skier Annemarie Moser-Pröll), on to the Steinkaralm 2 ½ hours 1,700 m, Blauer See Lake 3 hours / Ennskraxn approx. 4 hours (2,410 m).

Ignaz-Mattis Hütte/Rotmannlspitze

Duration: approx. 2 (5) hours

Description: By car to Pichl. In Pichl turn right over the level crossing – Preineggtal Valley up to the Ursprungalm (Heidialm) car park. On foot up to the Preuneggsattel – Oberer Giglachsee Lake – Unterer Giglachsee Lake to the Ignaz-Mattis-Hütte (1.986 m) 2 hours. Possible to carry on up to the Rotmannlspitze peak. (2,453 m / difficult / 5 hours).


Duration: approx. 4.5 hours

Description: From Filzmoos via Oberberg to the Rettensteinhütte (Rettensteinlift) – Ahorneggalm up to the Rötelstein (2,247 m). Partly very stony. Possible to carry on to the Bachlalm.


Duration: approx. 5 hours (very demanding; only for experience mountaineers)

Description: (very demanding; only for experience mountaineers), sure-footedness and head for heights required
Gamsspitzl 2,345 m / Zehnerkarspitze 2,381 m / und Gamsleitnspitze 2,357 m
Starting-point: Obertauern. Parking available at the Passhöhe Obertauern.

Duration: Obertauern mountain lift station of the Zehnerkarbahn cable car 1 ¾ hours. Mountain station – Gamsspitzel ½ hour. Gamsspitzl – Zehnerkarscharte – Zehnerkarspitze ¾ hour. Zehnerkarspitze – Zehnerkarscharte – Obertauern 1 ½ hours. At the Gamsspitzl useful cable ropes along the last 30 m. Total duration approx. 5 hours.

Buttermilchalm to the Ostermaisspitze – Korein

Duration: approx. 1 (3.5) hours

Descriptio: By car to St. Martin am Tennengebirge. A forest path leads steadily uphill in a westerly direction to the Buttermilchalm (1,130 m), Duration approx. 1 hour. To the Ostermaisspitze (1,688 m) approx. 3 hours – Korein (1,850 m), 3.5 hours.

Silberkarhütte – Guttenberghaus

Duration: approx. 2.5 (6) hours

Description: By car to Weissenbach – Lodenwalker. Follow the road turning off to the right to the Silberkark Gorge and on to the  Silberkarhütte (1,250 m); easy route. Carry on to the Guttenberghaus (2,145 m); Duration approx. 6 hours. At first a good path which later turns into a climbing trail (take care when foggy!).

Grandenbachfall – Ahornsee Lake

Duration: approx. 45 min. (3) hours

Description: By car to Weissenbach, turn right at the chapel / Kneipp water treading course – car parking. Gradbachhütte – Gradbachfall (45 mins.) – Ahornsee Lake (3 Stunden) – Nowhere to stop for refreshments on this tour!

Seekarspitze – Grünwaldsee Lake

Description: approx. 2 (4.5) hours

Description: By car to Obertauern (1,739 m). From the Passhöhe to the Seekarhaus (30 minutes); Seekarspitze (2 hours); Grünwaldsee Lake (3 hours); Seekarhaus (4 hours); Obertauern 4.5 hours. On the descent from the Grünwaldsee Lake sure-footedness is required.


Duration: approx. 1 (4) hours

Description: From Flachau on the Griessenkarbahn cable car to the mountain station at 1.,40 m. Lift in operation from July – August. Walking time from the mountain station – Griessenkareck (1 hour); Griessenkareck – east ridge – Griessenkarbahn cable car (1 hour). Total 2 hours. alternative route to the south: Griessenkareck – Saukarkopf – Frauenalm – Jandlalm (mountain station). Total duration 4 hours.

Arche – Tagweideck

Durtion: approx. 1 (4) hours (sure-footedness required in parts)

Description: Arche 2,060 m – Tagweideck 2,135 m – Schwarzkopf 2,260 m – Gamskogel 2,186 m
Starting-point: Zauchensee. On the Gamskogelbahn / chairlift to the Gamskogelhütte. The Gamskogelbahn cable car is in operation from July to mid-September daily from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm every hour on the hoour. Walking times: Gamskogelhütte – Arche 2,060 m 1 hour, Arche – Tagweideck ¾ hour, Tagweideck – Schwarzkopf 1 hour, Schwarzkopf – Gamskogel ¾ hour, Gamskogel – Gamskogelhütte ¾ hour. Total time 4 hours. The more demanding peak is the Schwarzkopf, requiring sure-footedness, from here to the Tagweideck you’ll find a short stretch secured with cable ropes. Arche, Tagweideck and Gamskogel can be reached without any problems.

Gamskarlspitze – Plattenspitze

Duration: approx. 1 (5) hours (sure-footedness required for part of the way)

Description: Gamskarlspitze 2,411 m , Plattenspitze 2,294 m.
Starting-point: Obertauern 1,739 m car park along the road to the Seekarhaus.
Duration: Car park – Theodor Körner Haus ¼ hour., Theodor Körner Haus – Edelweissalm 20 mins., Edelweissalm – mountain station ¾ hour, mountain station – Plattenscharte ½ hour. Gamskarlspitze – Scharte – Plattenspitze (2,294 m) ½ hour. Plattenspitze – Obertauern via Seekarhaus 2 hours, total walking time: 5 hours. Difficulty level: marked paths and climbing trails, sure-footedness required for part of the way.

Mitterfager – Hinterfager

Duration: approx. 1,25 (2.5) hours

Description: Mitterfager (1,950 m), Hinterfager (1,971 m). By car via Radstadt to the Seitenalm. Turn off at the junction from the mountain road to the Fageralm, 8 km to the Trinkeralm.

Starting-point: Trinkeralm (1,800 m)

Duration: Trinkeralm – Mitterfager (1,940 m) – Hinterfager (1,971 m) 1 ¼ hours. there and back 2 ½ hours. Worth seeing: Alpine rose bloom at the beginning of July.


Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Description: Drive up along the road from Radstadt to resort end of Obertauern, then 2.7 km in a westerly direction towards Forstau, Seitenalm.

Duration: Seitenalm – Predigstuhl 1 hour, Predigstuhl (1,305 m) – Seitenalm ½ hour, easy forest and meadow path plus forest track.

Felseralm – Wildsee Lake – Südwiener Hütte

Duration: approx. 1 (2) hours

Description: From the Felseralm via the Wildsee Lake to the Südwiener – Hütte.
Starting-point: Felseralm 1,660 m (parking facilities). From the pass road to Obertauern at the 40,9 km (small house) a 1.5 km long track leads to the Felseralm.

Duration: Felseralm – Wildsee Lake 1 hour, Wildsee Lake – Südwienerhütte 2 hours.

Hirschwandsteig – Gollinghütte

Duration: approx. 4.5 hours

Starting-point: Gasthaus Riesachfälle in Untertal (1,080 m) parking available. accessible via Schladming.

Duration: Parkplatz – Gollinghütte (1,641 m) good 2 hours return 1 ½ hours. Total walking time: 3 ½ hours. Hiking paths and alpine roses in one of the most beautiful valley bowls in Austria.

Unterhofalm – Almsee Lake – Hopfgürglhütte

Duration: approx. 1.25 (3.5) hours

Starting-point: Unterhofalm 1,295 m. Access from Filzmoos along the Hofalm toll road.

Duration: Unterhofalm – Almsee 5 minutes Almsee – Linzer Weg 1 ¼ hours; Linzer Weg – Hofpürglhütte 1 ¼ hours, Hofpürgelhütte – Unterhofalm ¾ hour. Total walking time: 3 ½ hours. Paths requiring sure-footedness in some places.

Faulkogel Hütte

Duration: approx. 4 – 5 hours (very difficult in parts)

Description: To the Faulkogelhütte (2,654 m). From Flachauwinkl through the Marbach Valley – Vordere Marbachalm – Hintere Marbachalm to the Faulkogel.

Tauernkarsee Lake – Tauernkarhütte

Duration: approx. 1 (4) hours

Starting-poing: Gnadenbrücke bridge. By car to Radstadt – Untertauern. The Gnadenbrücke bridge is situated between Untertauern and Obertauern.

Duration: Gnadenbrücke – Hauskoppenalm ¾ hour. Hauskoppenalm – Tauernkarsee Lake ½ hour. Tauernkarsee Lake – Tauernkarhütte (1,671 m) ¼ hour. Breitlehenalm ¾ hour. Breitlehenalm – Gnadenbrücke 1 ½ hours. Total walking time: 3 ½ – 4 hours.


Duration: approx. 6.5 hours (only for experienced mountaineers, stamina required)

Starting-point: Arthurhaus Mühlbach am Hochkönig. Arthurhaus – Mitterfeldalm ½ hour, Mitterfeldalm – Schrammbachscharte – Hochkönig. On the Hochkönig you’ll find the Martas-Hütte / overnight stay possibe / open for refreshment.

Duration: 6 ½ hours up to the Hochkönig (2,941 m). Traversing of snow fields / very rocky in parts. Sunglasses recommended.

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